Fax technology has been our business focus since 1990. Our longevity
and reputation have been built on leading edge technology,
outstanding customer service, the most user-friendly, feature-rich,
fax broadcasting program on the planet and a robust, reliable network.
Our customers include government agencies, charitable organizations, major corporations and independent businesses of all sizes and types.

We invite you to compare BroadFX for yourself, and take advantage
of our 1,000 free fax offer.


The BroadFX Difference:

Send jobs anytime you want, manage lists and documents, and generate reports. BroadFX makes sure everything is delivered exactly as you specify. BroadFX's experienced technicians manage and maintain the network, ensuring your jobs are taken care of, from start to finish

BroadFX clients receive our JobBuilder software, absolutely free. Load multiple jobs, use a variety of lists, schedule times and personalize – all with quick and intuitive mouse clicks and text entry. See for yourself how BroadFX can speed up and uncomplicated your faxing jobs. Click here for a quick screen shot demo.

Unlike other faxing services, BroadFX provides you with free, FaxMonitor software so you’ll see your faxing progress and success rate in real time, right on your own computer screen. No more guessing about what your supplier actually delivered or when. Click here to see a quick screen shot demo.

We provide you with no fewer than 14 different merge fields and support for all common document file types. Use variable recipient names and addresses, company names, specific messages, signatures and more. Maximum customization or single messaging, the choice is always yours with BroadFX.

Included with all of fax service programs, convenient Automatic Fax Removal (AFR) easily manages “Do Not Fax” or “DNF” requests. Simply include a do not fax list folder with your data base, and our server will automatically check and then block faxes to these numbers. This folder can be updated for each fax job.

For a modest additional fee, you can add our Inbound fax removal service. Do not fax request calls are handled by an automated system complete with voice prompts guiding callers every step of the way.

Our service allows you to “bank” faxing minutes so if you don’t use all you’ve deposited to your account on any given run, you can carry 100% of your credits forward. As with all of our services, there are no surprises.

For software developers, we offer the use of our complete suite of XML API to interface to BroadFX and a test environment to test your interface, absolutely free (see BroadFX API Documentation)

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